Where to go

Timaru Hospital & Community Services

There is no local abortion service in Timaru.

All patients will be referred to the Gynaecology Procedure Unit in Christchurch for their abortion care.

The First Step

To be referred, you can see a GP or Family Planning doctor. They will talk to you and organise some essential blood and swab tests, offer you a counselling appointment and, if you wish, book you in to the Christchurch Gynaecology Procedure Unit.


Counselling can be arranged through the Timaru Hospital social workers - telephone (03) 684 3089 and ask for social workers.

You can also contact the Christchurch Gynaecology Procedure Unit directly for an appointment for pre-decision counselling.

Early Medical Termination

Early Medical termination is not available to women from the South Canterbury region.

Surgical Termination at the Christchurch Gynaecology Procedure Unit

The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic with sedation (awake but sedated).

Termination more than 13 weeks pregnant

If your pregnancy is more than 12 weeks and 6 days you will be assessed at the Christchurch Gynaecology Procedure Unit and referred to Christchurch Women's Hospital.

Follow up

Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor or the operating doctor if preferred by the patient. Follow-up counselling is available in the Counselling Department if needed.